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A good social media footprint can take you a long way, but building it isn’t easy.

Let's get your content in front of people who really care about your niche.

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We go beyond just getting your businesses seen. We ensure it shines in front of an audience that values your brand

About us

LeadGen Heights Media is based in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Specializing in SEO, social media marketing, lead generation and PPC, we are dedicated to propelling businesses to new heights of success.

Our vision is to be the catalyst for businesses, igniting their storytelling potential to forge enduring and impactful brands. We value our clients and want to build long term relationships with the people we work with and collaborate with.

Our services

Choose the services you need, or build an all inclusive package

Social Media Marketing

We will create highly engaging social media strategies and tactics to increase traffic for your business

Search Engine Optimization

Our team is here to help you grow and boost your social media presence with SEO

Paid Advertising

Dsicover the ideal clients you desire through our omni channel pay per click ad campaigns while building brand equity.

Lead Generation

We will drive growth and expand your customer base. We specialize in connecting you with high-quality leads tailored to your niche.

Past Projects

Our focus is delivering tangible results for our clients while enhancing their brand equity and driving sales growth.


The Results
  • Ranked on 1st page of Google
  • Increase brand awareness with SEO with over 5 Million +
  • Increased engagement 1152%

IT Solutions

The Results
  • Omni-channel marketing to increase brand awareness by 650%+
  • Increase sales by 54%+
  • Increase lead generation by 20%+


The Results
  • Monetized YouTube channels with SEO in less than 3 months
  • Increased brand awareness with over 10Million views+
  • Lead acquisition 200%

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